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All About Your Brand
  • Does this service come with a call?
    No. This service does not include a call. You will complete an intake form for each service you purchase to assist our designers in creating a final product you will love. If for any any reason you request a call, you will be able to book a 15 minute free consultation based on our availability, however, this could delay the process of completing your services.
  • How many logos will I get?
    You will get a total of 3 logo designs (primary, secondary and icon) in ALL of your brand colors + black and white.
  • What format will I receive my logos in?
    All logos will be uploaded as JPG, PNG and SVG files. Your brand kit walkthrough video will explain the different formats and when to use each type.
  • Who do I work with for this service?
    You will work with one of our designers, Zoe or Quinita. Your designer will be assigned based on availability. Breanna, our CEO will oversee your project but your assigned designer will act as point of contact.
  • Who is this service for?
    This service is for anyone who is starting a brand or business or wants to rebrand their current brand or business. We provide sleek, modern and luxury design services. If you're looking to stand out and make the best first impression - this service is for you!
  • What is content inspo?
    Content inspo are images that provide guidence and visual aesthetic guidelines for the content you create OR the content you pull (stock images) when choosing photos for your social media or website.
  • What is the turn around time for this service?
    Once your service is paid for in full, we will reach out within 1 business day to provide you with the intake forms necessary to complete your service. Once the forms are completed, this services takes 10-15 business days.
  • What is the refund policy?
    We have a service guarantee of making our clients happy. We do not close out services until you are 100% satisfied. We have a no refund policy once services are started but offer service credits as needed.
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